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Skillset . Toolset . Mindset

Prepare yourself to LEAD differently, Learn modern Tools and Techniques to get results you always wanted!

Leadership Self - Assessment Tools

A reflective leadership self-assessment helps you gauge your ability to motivate, inspire, and empower people and also provides a window into your ability to create an environment where people can flourish. Identify the leadership skills you may need to develop -- mindfulness (situational awareness), self-awareness, respect based relationships -- in yourself and in the people who work for you.

Team  Assessment Tools

The team assessment provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the teams being evaluated; the assessment results serve as a foundation for subsequent conversations on building on existing strengths and closing the any gaps between where the team currently is and where it would like to be.

LEAN - Agile Assessment Tools

Our lean-agile assessment tool takes a comprehensive look at the teams, their working environment, and the actual support they receive from leadership and management in enabling high-performance. The tool assesses the ability to determine and define what to build, the ability to execute and build it, and the degree to which the organizational culture, rules, procedures, and structure aid or hinder teams.

Meet our team

"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard

Sandeep Ingale

Sandeep is a prolific change agent, and a respected authority on business and leadership transformation.

As a senior management consultant, he has worked on leadership transformations around the world. Clients include global multinationals like Google, Symantec, NYPA, Chubb Insurance, United Health Care, UPS and ADP.

As a transformation and mindset coach, Sandeep has enabled many leaders at various levels to measurably increase their leadership effectiveness and perform at their highest potential.

Sandeep Ingale's passion and desire is to change mindsets for the better. He loves working with people and processes and making effective improvements in the system. In short, he focuses on results, progress and value-driven outcomes without missing out on the fun and the journey that drives everyone towards success.

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Alex Singh

Alex is a respected authority on personal and organizational change. He has coached and developed change leaders to approach transformation consciously, and co-crafted personalized change strategies that can be adapted as the situation unfolds.

Alex's goal as a coach is not only to help organizations meet their immediate objectives, but also to set them on a path of continued improvement and self-sufficiency. Consequently, he emphasizes continual exploring, experimenting, learning, adapting, and improving to enable quicker delivery of business value, predictably, sustainably and with high quality.

As a transformation change coach, Alex provides change strategy consulting, change leadership skill development, coaching and transformational team development, enterprise-wide training for culture and mindset change, and personal transformation training.

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